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Water is Life !

Most people are aware that water is important for life but most have no idea why. They know that we can't survive without drinking water but they are not at all clear on why our bodies need it. There are of course plenty of reasons that we need water besides for the proper function of our bodies. Water also allows for things like weather which are also critical to the survival of life on Earth.

The main reason that water is so important for life is that all living things that we know of require it in order to carry out many functions that are critical to life. Water is a solvent that allows other compounds to dissolve. This is something that has to happen in order to allow them replicate. If organic compounds can't replicate then life cannot exist since it relies on the continuous replication of the compounds, this is how we reproduce after all.

The other reason that water is important to life is that it is a critical factor in metabolic processes. Out metabolisms rely on the breaking down of substances into smaller substances for use as energy and allowing molecules to grow in order to store fuel for future use as energy. Both of these processes require water in order to break bonds and to allow substances to mix so that they can form new molecules.

Water is also critical to the process of both photosynthesis and respiration. During photosynthesis the hydrogen and the oxygen are separated. The hydrogen then combines with carbon dioxide in the air to create glucose and release more oxygen. Living cells then use the glucose and oxygen to reform water and carbon dioxide as part of respiration.

While water is important for the basic function of our bodies it is also important to realize that it also plays an important role in our lives for other reasons. For starters it is pretty clear that life began in the water. The best guess for the origin of life is that single celled organisms formed in the water. Being in the water allowed them to easily combine into more complex organisms. This process would then continue until living creatures moved to the land.

Water is also critical because it creates the weather that makes life possible. The oceans are a huge store of energy that regulates the temperature of the planet and keeps it at a level that allows us to live on the planet. The oceans also allow for the circulation of air which allows the suns energy to spread around the planet. It also allows for things like rain to fall giving us a source of fresh water. Without rain all of the water would eventually end up in the oceans and be too salty to support life.